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The Northeast Mountain Horse Club offers a variety of opportunities to its members including a trail ride recognition program, show program, horse and rider clinics, versatility events, by-monthly membership meetings and banquets.  Mainly based in the mid-atlantic USA, our Ways & Means committee works very hard to continue to provide the monetary support to enable the club to continue to offer these many different programs to our members.  We also provide a monthly newsletter to enable our members to stay current on all events, horses and tack for sale as well as breed news, and horse health tips.  Our membership currently encompasses a wide geographic area including but not limited to members from West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York.  We welcome you to become part of the active mountain horse group. Join our Club.  


Trail Ride Program 

The Northeast Mountain Horse Club provides many opportunities for its members to enjoy riding on the trail.  Club members host an average of ten rides annually.  These rides are scenic, fun and abound with “horsey” conversations as you travel the trails with fellow members.  Most rides are day rides; however, several of them can be combined into camping weekends.  For those members that ride a lot of miles, the club provides a FREE Trail Riders Recognition program for both adults and youth seventeen and under.  Trail miles may be logged and awards earned at 50, 100, 500, 1,000 and 2,000 miles.  (to join this program, please click our Trail Log under Events)  In fact, if you ride on a club sponsored trail ride your miles count double towards awards.  Whether you ride to log miles or just to enjoy the trails our mountain horses make it an enjoyable experience.

Show Program 

The Northeast Mountain Horse Club Show Program has continued to flourish as we reward owners and exhibitors who are dedicated to the promotion of the Mountain Horse Breeds (Rocky Mountain, Kentucky Mountain and Mountain Pleasure).  Our program parallels the United Mountain Horse Regional program as our goals are similar.  By presenting our horses at area horse shows we have an opportunity to expose and promote them to the public.  The Club also provides a fun atmosphere for those who want to learn how to show and opportunities for our juvenile riders through our Youth Show Program.  Our show participants are rewarded each year at our year-end banquet.   To find a show near you, please visit our show page under Events.

To collectively promote all of the mountain horse breeds and show  organizations - Rocky Mountain Horses, Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses, Spotted Mountain Horses and the Mountain Pleasure Horses - in order to raise awareness, educate, and increase the horse population throughout the Northeast United States