The Northeast Mountain Horse Club has flourished since 2002. However, over the recent years, the club has experienced a decrease  in membership and with a lack of participation in fund raising events we find ourselves at a crossroads.


In order to provide our members with a wide variety of events, we encourage you to join the Mid Atlantic Rocky Mountain Club.  The Mid Altantic Rocky Mountain Club welcomes ALL BREEDS and has parallel goals of the NEMHC.  Currently, all our events are hosted within the promotional area of the Mid Atlantic club so this will be an easy transition. 


The 2020 calendar of events will continue to support the Ride For Roses shows and coordination with our current trail hosts for 2020 dates will also be a priority.  Many additional events including clinics, a wider range of trail rides and additional show opportunities will be available.


Please consider joining the Mid Altantic Rocky Mountain Club and continue to support the gaited community.


12/14/19 updated  

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