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- Mountain Pleasure - Spotted Mountain 

This program is open to all members in good standing and must be on a mountain horse. Complete the form and mail or e-mail monthly to Gayle Brown., address on form. You will receive mileage recognition awards at 50 miles, 100 miles, 500 miles, 1000 miles and 2000 miles.  It's all FREE to our members.  "join our club

Trail rider reminder:  Any trail miles with a postmark later than October 15, 2015, will be counted towards the 2015-2016 annual miles.  Everyone starts with a clean slate for the annual mile awards.  Be sure to attend the banquet in November to see who traveled the most miles for the 2015-2016 season - top three riders (adult & youth divisions) will receive awards. 


NEMHC Trail Rider log forms.  Click Here

Trail Rider Mileage Totals as of Sept. 2017 (year end)


NEMHC Trail Ride Schedule  Miles count double on any NEMHC sponsored ride.

2016- 2017 High Point Trail Miles Winners

                                          1st place -  Greg Hall  (792 miles)

                                          2nd place - Evi Hall (740 miles)

                                          3rd place - Diana York (510.4)

                                          4th place - Nicole Berger (110 miles)

 2015 - 2016 High Point Trail Miles Winners

                  1st...  Amy Triantafyllou                                           

                     2nd...  Greg Hall                                        

                     3rd...  Ivi Hall                                             

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