The Northeast Mountain Horse Club provides many opportunities for its members to enjoy riding on the trail.  Club members host an average of ten rides annually.  These rides are scenic, fun and abound with “horsey” conversations as you travel the trails with fellow members.  Most rides are day rides; however, several of them can be combined into camping weekends.  For those members that ride a lot of miles, the club provides a FREE Trail Riders Recognition program for both adults and youth seventeen and under.  Trail miles may be logged and awards earned at 50, 100, 500, 1,000 and 2,000 miles.  (visit our Rider Program page for details)  In fact, if you ride on a club sponsored trail ride your miles count double towards awards.  Whether you ride to log miles or just to enjoy the trails our mountain horses make it an enjoyable experience.  Look forward to seeing you on the Trail.

POSTED dates for 2019 

2018 Trail Ride Schedule      2017 June Rider Totals

                           2019 Trail Ride Schedule

May 11, 2019         Fair Hill flier / directions        Host: Bill & Beth Molnar

                          Elkton, MD (info same as last year attached)   410-392-0919

                          2019 date is May 11th

May 18, 2019      Gettysburg Battlefield          Host: Sam Fuson 

                       Flier / Directions

                         Gettysburg, PA                        717-334-0893

Riding from McMillian Woods at 10:00  (Boy Scout Camp)

Trailer with a buddy as parking is tight

RSVP by contacting Sam at  717-334-0893

                         Gettysburg Report 2016  Gettysburg Recap 2015



July 6, 2019           Union Mills Park info                  Host:  Krista Townes    

                           Union Mills, MD                       443-569-1832  


July 10-14, 2019     Potter County Info                      Host: Gayle & Harold Brown



July 27 - cancelled    Blue Marsh Lake Park Info           Host:  Kate Kurtz

  New Date               Bernville, PA                              610-507-2617

October 13th


Aug 3 - CANCELLED - watch for new date

August 3, 2019     MD League of Horsemen             Host:  Pam Howard

                           MD                                           301-787-6682

August 24, 2019     Little Bennett                            Host:  Pam Howard

                            MD                                            301-787-6682

Sept. 14, 2019       Michaux State Park Info               Host:  Bob & Barb Youngs

                          South Mountain, PA                     717-697-8891  

Sept. 21, 2019         Fair Hill flier / directions                 Host: Bill & Beth Molnar

                           Elkton, MD                                  410-392-0919

October 5, 2019      Sugarloaf Mountain                      Host:  Pam Howard

                            MD      RSVP & directions call PAM    301-787-6682

October 13th, 2019    Blue Marsh Lake Park Info           Host:  Kate Kurtz

  New Date               Bernville, PA                              610-507-2617

This year our Trail Ride at Fair Hill encourages folks that are apprehensive about bringing their mounts to a club trail ride - our leaders will take the time to help horses through any obstacle they are having trouble with, whether it be bridges or water or anything in between.  Join us on May 6th at Fair Hill Park in Elkton, MD.  Please contact Harold Brown should you have a specific obstacle you would like to overcome.  717-624-2151



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